Introduction to Slots

By 22 January 2021

A slot game is simply the type of game that is played in a slot machine. You can visit to see some of the slot games available.


Free Slots

Free slots are a type of slot that does not require you to spend real money. Instead, you will find fun money that you can utilize within your game.

Origin of Free Slots

Free slots were developed mainly for educational purposes. When you are now to a slot, you could first play on free slot before wagering your real money.

Can You Win Real Money?

No. Playing on free slots is purely for fun. The amount you win will remain into your virtual account and can only be utilised within the slot itself.

  • Almost all slots have a free mode replica.
  • Both free and real money possess similar attributes.

Why Play in Free Mode

Assuming you are looking for a perfect slot for your future games, you have selected your ideal game that is available in both real money free mode.

It is now the best time to start playing on a slot. Let's see the perfect reasons why you should consider playing on the free mode first.

Sharpening Your Skills

Free mode is the best place to train and improve your slot gaming skills. Any mistake you will make here will not be punishable. Remember its a fun money.

A Cheaper Way to Try Different Slots

When playing on a free mode, you can always try different slots available. Your main goal is to look for the one that pays the most.

  • Different slots will pay differently.
  • You will need to play in different coin values.

Knowing the Behavior of the slot

When Playing on free mode, it is easy to discover different behaviors exhibited by a slot on different coin denominations. That how you will see different modes of slots.

What are the slot moods/states available?

All slots will exhibit three different modes depending on the status of their prize pool. Those moods are Hot (warm), Cold and Neutral. How will you know the state?

Moods Explained in Details

The slot is said to be Hot when there is a positive prize pool. Previously the players lost a lot of money than they won on that slot.

A cold slot has a negative prize pool meaning it has given massive wins previously. When a slot is neutral, the prize pool remains to be zero.

Which is the Best Mood?

The main goal for any player is to play on a slot that has a potential to give out a lot of winning. Such a slot must be Hot.

With a positive balance, it means players have not been lucky. Such a slot has the potential of giving out winnings. How will you know that the slot is hot?

  • Giving out hefty bonuses after a shot cycle of play.
  • Giving winnings at different coin denominations.

When you land a positive mood slot, it is now the best time to try and play on its real money equivalence. Always start with the lowest coin denomination.

Where Do You Play Free Slots

The player can utilize the capability of free slots to gain experience and also land on the best slot game. So where can you get the best free slot?

Well, the answer lies in the best casino software studios. There are different studios such as NetEnt, Novomatic, Evolution Gaming, and many more. They will produce the best free slots.

Playing on the best free slots is the ultimate step to experiencing the best online gaming. Later, you can shift to real money slots and enjoy the gambling fruits.